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The DirectorSpeak Library – Recommended Reads

Welcome to The DirectorSpeak Library

These items are recommended by the director’s I’ve interviewed and your’s truly. They may be books, articles, documentaries, whatever! about directing, by directors, or just inspiration for directing. They are all important books for NYC’s Indie directors – past, present and future. Enjoy!

Got a favorite source of directorial inspiration you think should be added here?
Add the title and your rationale  in the comment section
and I’ll add it to the “Reader’s Recommendations” section!

Tim Errickson’s Recommendations

Glory Kadigan’s Recommendations

Mark Finley’s Recommendations

Heather Cohn’s Recommendations

Daniel Talbott’s Recommendations

  • The Actor and the Target – Declan Donnellan
  • Acting: The First Six Lessons – Richard Boleslavsky
  •  The Fervent Years: The Group Theatre And The Thirties – Harold Clurman
  • On Directing – Harold Clurman
  • The Empty Space – Peter Brook

Cat Parker’s Recommendations

  • The Great Stage Directors: 100 Distinguished Careers of the Theatre – Samuel L. Leiter
  • Directors in Rehearsal: A Hidden World –  Susan Letzler Cole
  • A Sense of Direction: Some Observations on the Art of Directing – William Ball
  • Tips: Ideas for Directors – Jon Jory
  • Notes on Directing – Frank Hauser and Russell Reich
  • A Director Prepares: 7 Essays on Art and Theatre – Anne Bogart
  • Leadership is an Art – Max DePree
  • Audition – Michael Shurtleff

Reader’s Recommendations

I’d like to hear from you – got a suggestion on a good book for directors to read? Doesn’t have to be about directing, per se. Just leave the title and why it appeals to you in the comments section below, and I’ll post it here! Peace, Cat

2 comments on “The DirectorSpeak Library – Recommended Reads

  1. directorsvision
    November 21, 2015

    Hi Cat, I just directed readers of my blog at to your blog, where I enjoy your interviews! (I grabbed your logo to help point readers here–please let me know if you want me to take it down.) I hope you and some of your readers might also be interested in my site. Best wishes for continued good work! Scott

    • Cat
      November 23, 2015

      You are most welcome to the logo, Scott. Thank you for sharing a link to the blog. I will reciprocate after the holidays. Take care!

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