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Festival Directors – Edinburgh Fringe 2014

I’ve been fascinated by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for years. It’s one of those bucket list items for me. But I’ve been warned that directing there was unlike directing anywhere else. So, inspired by Articulate Theatre Company member Katrin Hilbe, and ATC friend Joan Kane, I decided to reach out to a few “Fringe-Bound” directors and find out just what goes on ‘across the pond’ in the pressure-cooker theatrical event known as Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Some of these directors are old hands at EdFringe and some are first-timers. Regardless of their length of ‘deployment’ they all have some wonderful insights to share. I am so grateful that these good people took time away from some seriously busy schedules to jot down a few thoughts about the festival experience. I hope their responses inspire you and much as they did me!

The interview is broken into seven different parts, based on the seven different questions. So, click on a question to be taken to the responses, and check out the “bits and bios” of the directors by clicking on their images below. Hope you enjoy the reading as much as I enjoyed the gathering. And who knows, maybe you’ll see me in Edinburgh soon!

Cat Parker


Have you been to the Edinburgh Fringe before?

What are some changes you’ve had to make to your production in order to take it to festival?

What makes it worthwhile for a director to have a production at the festival?

What surprises/challenges have you faced during the process?

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about taking a show to EFF?

In such a dense field of theatre, how do you get your production to stand out?

Bonus question – what one food, drink or establishment do you look forward to trying/visiting the most?

Many of these directors and their productions have shows going on right now at 59E59’s “East of Edinburgh.” You can see the shows on this side of the ocean and then follow their exploits virtually to see how they fare at Edinburgh (or you can go to EdFringe, too!)

YEARS TO THE DAY (dir: Joel Polis); BETTE DAVIS AIN’T FOR SISSIES (dir: Antony Raymond); HI, HITLER (dir: Jessi D. Hill);  666DSM (dir: Cindy Sibilsky); RUNNING INTO ME (dir: Padraic Lillis); NAKED IN ALASKA (dir: Scott W. Slavin): THE GOD BOX (dir: Martha Wollner); SINGLEMARRIEDGIRL (dir: Luke Tudball) WHAT DO YOU MEAN? (dir: Joan Kane)














2 comments on “Festival Directors – Edinburgh Fringe 2014

  1. Ruth Baker
    July 13, 2014

    I experienced Edinburg Fest about 5 years ago and ran on fumes from one show to another practically around the clock. For a playwright, this was pure joy…seeing what else is out there. There’s a little church right in the heart of it that’s an excellent venue. Ruth

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