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Special Post: Gala Directors

Planet Connections Theatre Festival
is holding its annual Gala
Playwrights’ Against Hunger:
One-Acts for a Cause

on June 22nd

The GALA is TONIGHT! Click on the links below to learn a bit about the playwrights and directors who are donating their time and talents to the show.

I have always been fascinated by theatre’s ability to affect change in us as individuals, and our community as a whole. Glory Kadigan and her PCTF team have taken that potential on as their mission. PCTF is a safe haven for artists to create art AND opportunities to help others. I believe that most theatre artists want to help others, but most feel powerless to do so – we typically have very little money, and our skill sets are not always appropriate to the situations of those in need (you do NOT want me building a house for you!). But PCTF allows artists to do what we do best while providing awareness and funding to the groups that are doing so much to help others. It works on three levels:
  • Each play involved in the festival aligns itself with an organization, and raises money and awareness for that group.
  • PCTF goes far in making all of it’s operations as ecologically low-impact as possible.
  • Every year the PCTF team itself picks an organization to support in a major way, via the Gala.
ATC gives to Urgent Death Row Pets through PCTF

ATC gives to Urgent Death Row Pets through PCTF

Picture from the 2013 Gala.

Picture from the 2013 Gala.

PCTF's Green Workshop

PCTF’s Green Workshop

And the Gala is why this set of interviews happened! To raise money and awareness for City Harvest. To do so, they asked four wonderful playwrights -Israel Horovitz, Erik Ehn, Winter Miller and Wendy MacLeod- to contribute works based on the concept of hunger in today’s world. And to help bring these plays to life, they invited four wonderful directors -Moritz von Stuelpnagel, Jessi D. Hill, Mia Rovegna and Glory Kadigan herself- to lead the charge! Directing a play for a specific event gives both directors and writers a unique playground within which to work. I was given access to each of these teams to talk a little bit about the opportunity, and working with Planet Connections. Click on the links below to hear what they have to say!

by Wendy MacLeod
Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel

by Erik Ehn and the Tenderloin Opera Company
Directed by Mia Rovegno

by Winter Miller
Directed by Jessi D. Hill

by Israel Horovitz

Directed by Glory Kadigan




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