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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, or How Joe Cross Changed My Life

Joe Cross and I at the Tribeca Whole Foods


The Movie: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

The Website: Reboot Your Life

Facebook: The Facebook page

Coming home from work one night at the end of July 2011, my guy George greeted me at the door – not with a hug, kiss, flowers, or box of chocolate, but with a “must-see-TV” suggestion: “You HAVE to see this movie called “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” he said. Intrigued by his enthusiasm if not the title, I agreed. By the end of the movie, I was in complete agreement with him – this documentary was inspiring and we were ready to put that inspiration to good use. We bought a juicer, and went on a juice-only fast. We both lost over 30 lbs (18 of it during those first 10 days), felt more energetic than we had in years, and had to buy belts to keep our pants up.

The documentary is a true story about a Australian businessman, Joe Cross, taking back control of his weight, health and life by doing nothing more than eliminating processed foods from his diet. Joe, while hugely successful in business, was much less so in health – at 40 years old he was 100 lbs overweight and taking 7 different meds each day, including steroids for an auto-immune disease called chronic uticaria, and other meds to alleviate what the steroids did to him. He tried conventional medicines and diets, to no avail. Finally he decided to give Mother Nature a chance to heal him her way. So, he decided to do a 60 day juice fast. And to make it more exciting, and hold himself more accountable, he decided to film his efforts. He spent the first 30 days of his fast here in NYC, and then the next 30 days he drove cross-country, to LA, talking with people about nutrition as he went. He arrived at his destination, both geographically and physically. He was 100 lbs lighter, and had eliminated 4/5s of his medication. (He has since gotten rid of ALL of his meds!)

But the story doesn’t stop there. Along the way, Joe met Phil – a trucker from Iowa, who had the exact same disease, a lot more weight to lose and was depressed, close to suicide. Joe helped Phil get started on his own healthy path, and again, the simple “miracle” of fruits and vegetables helped him to lose weight, get off meds and become happy again. Phil’s story is one that will bring you tears of joy when you watch the movie (you ARE going to watch it, right?)

But the story doesn’t stop there, either! Because Joe’s message is spreading like wildfire, and millions of people are bringing torches. I visit their Facebook page constantly, and have watched so many people have wonderful success with the Reboot programs. The suggestion is that we can all benefit from eliminating as many food toxins from our daily diet as possible and drink/eat as much fresh produce as possible. And it worked for me, too. 30+ lbs lighter, and my lab results prove it in black and white. My cholesterol dropped by half, my iron went up, my thyroid numbers came into the normal range for the first time in over a decade. Miraculous? No. It’s just simple good sense – if you only put good, fresh food in your body, then your body will do the best job that it can for you.

Thus began my journey towards good, sustainable health. It’s a rocky road, and one filled with lots to learn about, and lots of challenges. Our neighborhood delivery potential is sad, very sad. On the up side, I have a nice little garden going on the back balcony, and I just got a plot in our neighborhood community garden.  Juicing is not a lifestyle. It’s a gateway to a new perspective on food. And I am enjoying expanding my vision, and changing my health for the better.


7 comments on “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, or How Joe Cross Changed My Life

  1. HCG Diet Side Effects
    July 9, 2012

    Nice! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Natalie
    July 17, 2012

    This is amazing. Hadn’t heard about this movie yet, but it is now on the top of my list.

    • Cat
      July 20, 2012

      It’s a wonderful doco, Natalie, and an easy watch. Joe’s a very engaging person, and shares info in a easy and non-judgemental way. It’s on Netflix, Hulu and free to watch on their website (url at the top of the page). Hope you’re well!

  3. theresa
    July 17, 2012

    I’ll have to look for this movie, see if anything is on youtube. I’ve heard of juicers before. Montell the talk show host even has his own juicer available for the public that I was thinking of buying. My brother and I have a tough time losing weight…

  4. Cat
    July 20, 2012

    Hi Theresa! You can watch it for free on their website (url at the top of the page). I highly recommend it. Also one called “Forks over Knives.” FYI, Montell’s machine is actually a high-tech blender, not a juicer, although I hear he calls it one. Bit of a difference as to how smoothies work compared to juicers. But both healthy, so good luck whichever way you go!

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